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Do You Suffer From Insufficient JawBone?

The loss of teeth initiates a process where the body gradually breaks down the bone that once supported those teeth. Traditional dental implants may no longer be viable in cases of extensive bone loss in the upper jaw. Our board-certified oral surgeons specialize in placing zygomatic dental implants, offering a revolutionary approach to dental implants that eliminates the need for bone grafting or ridge augmentation.

This innovative technique provides a full arch of strong, stable, natural-looking replacement teeth. We’re proud to offer this specialized solution at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery in Las Vegas, NV, and Henderson, NV, ensuring you can once again savor your favorite foods and enjoy a confident smile.

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What Are Zygomatic Dental Implants?

Suppose you have substantial bone loss or lack the structure to support traditional implants. Zygomatic implants are skillfully positioned within the robust cheekbones (zygomatic bones), offering a sturdy foundation for dental restoration. These specialized implants can deliver excellent results without requiring supplementary procedures such as bone grafting.

The placement of zygomatic implants represents one of the most intricate procedures in implant dentistry. Surprisingly, they provide a minimally invasive alternative for patients requiring extensive treatment to create sufficient bone volume for supporting traditional implants.

The Benefits of Zygomatic Implants

  • Avoidance of bone grafting
  • Improved stability for the jawbone structure
  • Suitable for complex cases for those with severe bone loss
  • Restoring facial aesthetics from years of bone loss
  • Reduced treatment time
  • High success rate!

Our Zygomatic Implant Process

We empathize with the challenges that missing teeth and bone loss can bring, especially when conventional dental implant solutions seem unattainable. However, with advanced techniques like zygomatic implants, there’s still a pathway to permanently rebuild your smile and boost your self-assurance!

As with any procedure, we will start with an in-depth consultation to discuss your dental concerns, smile aspirations, and what you want from your treatment. We will use our advanced technology, such as our CBCT scanner and digital X-rays, to meticulously plan every aspect of your procedure, ensuring a personalized approach tailored to your needs. With this information, we will build your treatment plan. This treatment plan will allow our oral surgeons to place your dental implants precisely, ensuring your smile is exactly what you envisioned.

After your consultation, we’ll schedule your procedure. On your procedure day, we’ll place your dental implants at an angle into predetermined spots in your zygoma bone. Once your implants are placed, we’ll attach your prosthesis and you’ll be ready to leave same day as your surgeyr with a new smile! With this temporary prosthesis, you’ll enjoy every benefit of your brand-new smile without the wait! Over the next 4-6 months, your dental implants will fuse with your zygoma bone through osseointegration, creating a strong foundation for your final prosthesis. Once your final prosthesis is complete, we’ll attach your final set of teeth so you can enjoy a permanent lasting smile!

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