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We take pride in offering our patients unparalleled care, setting us apart in our field. We’re proud to be the go-to oral and facial surgeons for the Vegas Golden Knights for multiple years in a row. This long-standing partnership is a testament to our commitment to providing top-notch care, whether in our practice or on the ice. It’s not just about professional collaboration; it’s a relationship built on trust and shared dedication to excellence.

From Athlete Collision
to Care

In hockey, collisions are a constant part of the game, and the potential for direct facial trauma isn’t just a risk; it’s a certainty. Our unmatched professionalism, swift outcomes, and trusted excellence make us a perfect match for one of the most physically demanding sports. Aggressive sports inevitably result in severe injuries, and hockey is no exception.

Players frequently endure substantial dental and facial injuries, leading to potential issues such as tooth damage, structural instability, displacement, and even impacts on breathing and speech. In a sport where only half of the players wear mouthguards, an equal number are exposed to the potential for severe facial trauma. When protective face masks and teammates can’t provide adequate defense, Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery is the crucial next line of protection.

We’ll Personalize Your Treatments

Dental trauma can result in various complications, ranging from tooth damage and structural instability to facial displacement and breathing difficulties. Injuries may also extend to the jaw, causing impairments in speech and potential concussions.

Facial fractures, eye injuries, and soft tissue damage are expected consequences, along with lip, cheek, and nasal fractures. The broad spectrum of potential injuries underscores the importance of prompt and comprehensive dental care to address not only the immediate concerns but also to mitigate long-term consequences and ensure the individual’s overall well-being.

"I Don't Think I Would Have Gotten My Implants If It Weren't For Advanced Technology." –Shea, Player for The Vegas Golden Knights

Rapid Response and Complete Rehabilitation

At Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery, our dental implant and facial surgery experts are dedicated to reconstructive procedures that address cosmetic and functional restoration. We conduct thorough and meticulous evaluations and treat players who have experienced facial trauma on the ice. Immediate and appropriate care is crucial to achieving the best possible outcomes. Being one of only ten practices worldwide to perform dental implant procedures at such high volumes, Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery is well-prepared to respond swiftly and rehabilitate any oral and facial injuries resulting from sports incidents. In some cases, sports injuries can be so severe that there is little remaining bone to support tooth reinsertion.

Our oral and facial surgeons possess the expertise to perform necessary bone grafts, rebuilding the players’ structures in preparation for implants. Our board-certified oral and facial surgeons, both on and off the rink, have extensive experience treating various injuries, from facial lacerations, fractures, and missing teeth to corrective jaw surgery. Regardless of the mishaps, Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery ensures that hockey players receive proper care, recover from injuries, and are fully prepared for the challenges on the ice. As the official oral and facial surgeon provider for the Vegas Golden Knights, you can trust that we uphold the highest standards of care and exhibit acute sensitivity to the pain experienced by those who face significant injuries.