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Wisdom Teeth Extractions
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The Impact of Wisdom Teeth

Most adults typically have two full sets of molars in place by 12. However, between the ages of 16-20, a third set of molars, commonly called wisdom teeth, appear. In an ideal scenario, these wisdom teeth would smoothly integrate into the dental arch, but this is often untrue. Wisdom teeth are troublesome because there is often insufficient space to accommodate them adequately. They frequently become impacted, becoming stuck within the jawbone, potentially causing damage.

Wisdom teeth may pressure adjacent teeth, resulting in shifting, overcrowding, and even nerve or root damage to neighboring teeth. These molars can develop severe cysts or infections that significantly risk your health. Even if your wisdom teeth are not causing immediate issues, early detection during their development allows us to predict potential problems. This enables us to perform wisdom tooth removal procedures proactively, preventing the onset of serious dental complications before they become problematic.

Warning Signs of Wisdom Tooth Problems

  • Swollen, red gums around back molars
  • Persistent tooth pain in the molars
  • Bad breath or unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Stiffness and pain in the jaw
  • Persistent, frequent, or unexplained earache or headache
  • Blood or pus near your molars
  • Swollen jaw or cheeks
  • Difficulty biting, chewing, or opening and closing normally

Your Guide to Wisdom Tooth Removal

We understand that wisdom tooth removal often involves the removal of third molars, which may be the first experience with oral surgery for many of our patients. Rest assured that this oral surgery procedure is routine for our surgeons and is completed everyday in our Henderson, NV and Las Vegas, NV offices. Here’s a general overview of what you can anticipate from our process:



In your consultation with our board-certified oral surgeons, a thorough examination of your mouth will be conducted, complemented by digital X-rays. This assessment will help us assess the position and complexity of your wisdom tooth extraction.


The Extraction

To access the tooth, we’ll create an incision in the gum tissue, and if necessary, we may need to eliminate some surrounding bone or divide the tooth into smaller pieces for a smoother extraction process. The extraction of your wisdom teeth will be conducted with precision and care. We often remove all four wisdom teeth in a single session to streamline the healing process. In cases where not all four need extraction, we still remove the ones that need extraction on the same day for efficient care, and in some instances, we may employ a sectioning technique for better control during the procedure.

wisdom tooth patient after recovery


Following the extraction, you will be given time to recuperate in a dedicated recovery area. Since there will be swelling, we will give you an ice pack to help. Our surgeons will thoroughly discuss post-operative instructions, guiding you to tend to the extraction site and promote healing. We will also prescribe pain medication and an antibiotic if needed. The full amount must be taken if medication is prescribed, even if you feel better.