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With wisdom teeth removal, keep your teeth straight and gums infection free.

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 Nevada OFS

Why Consult With An Oral Surgeon About Wisdom Teeth?

At Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery, we put your safety first. All of our offices are joint commission certified, which is the same accreditation that hospitals use for safety standards and high-level of care. Each office also utilizes CT Scanners to properly evaluate your individual case and lower your risk of nerve damage and sinus complications. We are the surgeons that get asked by other dentists to handle the most complex and difficult tooth extractions, so why not come to us first?

Quality surgical care and expert work is our main priority. When you choose Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery, you're going with the practice that numerous dentists, orthodontists and physicians choose for their own family. We are also the official team of surgeons for the Vegas Golden Knights NHL hockey team. They trust us with their players, so you know you're in great hands. Other offices advertise a cheap rate for wisdom tooth extractions, but insurance companies actually dictate the same reimbursement to all offices. If they're going to pay the same, wouldn't you rather choose the best? Not all oral surgery practices are created equal. Give us a call for your free consultation today!

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

When wisdom teeth grow in, they can often cause overcrowding, tooth impactions, and other discomfort in our mouths. If not extracted, wisdom teeth can increase bacteria while making it more difficult to adequately clean teeth. Over time, this can cause infection, bone loss, or even gum disease.

Whether you need to have your wisdom teeth removed is dependent on individual factors like jaw size and shape, if your teeth are impacted and how their development will affect your bite. Our board-certified surgeons will evaluate these conditions digitally before the actual procedure. We want to ensure a safe and seamless wisdom tooth extraction for every single one of our patients.

Trust Our Expert Surgical Team

Dr. Brendan Johnson

Dr. Johnson understands the anxiety many people experience when going to the doctor. That is why meticulous detail is paid to the entire patient experience. Dr. Johnson and his team believe that "when patients seek the expertise of an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, they're seeking to transform their lives." When patients are seeking this level of specialization, they come to Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery.
Dr. Brendan Johnson at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery

Dr. Gregory J. Hunter

Dr. Hunter is committed to professional excellence. He has been the director of RimRock Seminars, a Seattle Study Club affiliate, and has been an advocate for his peers in refining and perfecting techniques that provide patients with optimal care. He believes that continued professional development is the key to delivering to patients the results they want and deserve. At Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery Dr. Hunter is committed to transforming lives through education, compassion and surgical excellence.
Dr. Gregory J. Hunter at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery

Dr. R. F. John Holtzen

Dr. Holtzen co-founded Nevada Facial and Oral Surgery with Dr. Holtzen in 1999. Over the years his practice has grown to become the state's premier Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery group. Nevada Facial and Oral Surgery is founded upon principles of excellence, offering the most technically advanced maxillofacial and oral surgical care possible.
Dr. R. F. John Holtzen at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery
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Believe our patients!


My first visit with Nevada oral and facial surgery went really good I didn’t have a problem with anything. I was attended fast the receptionist was nice and helpful. I value good customer service I acknowledge how helpful the receptionist was with others as well. I was a bit nervous at first but Nancy who was one of the assistants was really nice and was able to answer all of my questions and concerns. She made my first visit comfortable and like I said I value good customer service I acknowledge that a lot so thank you for making my first visit a good one!

- Estefany T.


I was extremely anxious about the procedure that I was getting done. Everyone at Nevada Oral and Facial surgery were professional, caring and very compassionate. Dr. Hunter answered all my questions during the consultation. I received a follow-up call from the office a few days after my procedure to check how I was doing. I would definitely recommend to anyone.

- Iris B.


Dr. Johnson was super friendly and helpful. His assistant Vanessa answered all our questions and made my son and I feel very comfortable. I will definitely tell all my friends and family to visit Nevada Oral & Facial for any of their oral surgical needs!

- Trista z.

About Wisdom Teeth

Illustration of an impacted wisdom tooth

Contrary to popular belief, wisdom teeth are not automatically extracted. It is common, though, because often wisdom teeth will cause problems if they are allowed to stay.

One of the main reasons why we decide that your wisdom teeth need to be removed is because they will crowd the other teeth in your jaw. This will lead to bite problems and can also be quite painful. Your teeth are all already set in your jaw by the time your wisdom teeth show up, and the new teeth will change how everything fits. That is one of the main reasons why they might need to be removed.

Another common reason why your wisdom teeth might need to be extracted is because they are not coming in straight. When your other adult teeth do not come in correctly, we will fix them with braces, but if the rest of your teeth are straight, there is no reason to change everything because of your wisdom teeth.

We will usually take out all four wisdom teeth at the same time. If we determine that not all four teeth need to be removed, we will still take out the ones that are to be extracted all in the same day. This will cut down on the time that you will need to heal.

Often we will need to section a wisdom tooth to extract it. When we do this, we will cut it into pieces and then remove each piece. This gives us better control.

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