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Why You Should Always Come See Us After Any Type Of Automobile Accident

Automobile accidents are traumatic, shock-inducing events. The mental and physical shock you experience in response to the trauma of a car accident can actually cover up injuries you may have sustained, such as whiplash or a broken jaw. Plus, you might be so focused on sorting out the logistics of car repairs or insurance claims that you neglect seeking medical attention for your injuries. Regardless of whether you have any pain or other symptoms, you should always come see us following an automobile accident to make sure you do not have any underlying injuries that require treatment. Keep reading to understand why this is necessary.

Complications Of Whiplash

Whiplash results from your head and neck snapping back and forth during the forceful collision of an automobile accident. Whiplash does not always cause serious complications, but it can sometimes damage your jaw joint and contribute to TMJ disorder. TMJ causes pain in your jaw, neck, head, and ears, and often makes it uncomfortable open and close your mouth fully, chew, and speak. You might also experience ringing in your ears or popping and clicking noises when you open your mouth.

Fractured Teeth

Dental injuries are quite common in automobile accidents, since these events often involve the victim colliding with something hard in their vehicle, whether that is the dashboard, steering wheel, window, or some other object. You may think that a minor crack in your tooth is no big deal, but dental fractures can cause damage below the gum line that requires oral surgery.

Broken Jaw

Some people do not realize they have a broken jaw or other facial bone fracture until a few days after their automobile accident, when they start to notice symptoms including bruising, swelling, pain, or their jaw not opening and closing correctly. A broken jaw does not always require surgery, but we might still need to use plates, screws, or wires to repair the fracture.

Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries such as lacerations are a common result of car accidents. It is important to come see us so we can not only suture any visible lacerations but assess you for less visible injuries like nerve damage as well. If you were recently involved in any type of automobile accident, call our office today to schedule an exam.