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Why Get A Tooth Extraction If The Tooth Doesn’t Hurt

Many people don’t like the idea of getting their tooth extracted, except when it is painful. However, what if our dentist tells you that the tooth should be taken out when actually it is not in pain? It may be understandable when a dentist sees that you hesitate to agree to the tooth extraction procedure when there is no pain. Various things can allow our dental professionals to extract a tooth that doesn’t cause pain.

Tooth Decay

When an infection in the gums and teeth spreads to reach the inner parts of the tooth, it can kill the nerves insides. When this happens, it means that the tooth’s nerves cannot relay pain signals to your brain. While you may not have pain, the infection may continue spreading and put the health of the tissue, teeth, and bone around at risk. Our oral surgeon may consider tooth removal as a viable strategy to preserve your oral health.


While gum disease is easier to treat during the early stages, it causes severe damage to the tissues supporting your teeth and the jawbone when it progresses and worsens. Our oral surgeon may recommend extracting the tooth that is badly damaged or loose as a result of advancing gum disease.


People with overcrowded mouths may need tooth removal to create space for the remaining teeth to shift to their correct position. This is particularly true if you are receiving teeth or jaw alignment tools such as braces and Invisalign. For the braces to work effectively, they should be able to move the teeth to their right positions. This cannot happen if you have an overcrowded mouth. Therefore, our oral surgeon will have to remove one or two of the teeth.

If you have an impacted wisdom tooth that may cause dental problems in the future, or if your tooth is badly decayed, visit us to see if extraction is an option. Our dental team does not take tooth extraction lightly, and we view it as the last option if more conservative treatments don’t work.