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Why Exercise Is Off Limits Immediately After Oral Surgery

While you may like to exercise to stay in shape, you need to take a couple days off from the activity after oral surgery. Participating in an extreme workout or in sports play can lead to dental problems at or around the surgery site. “Play” it safe by waiting to exercise if you have had wisdom teeth removed or any other teeth for that matter. The following information will clue you in on how to proceed with daily activities.

Why Exercise Is Not Always Good For You, Especially After An Oral Surgery

Whether you undergo minor or major oral surgery, you need time to heal. A tooth extraction, dental implant, or reconstructive procedure can also impact the body. During the healing process, you need to rest to regain your strength. You cannot do this is you exercise at the gym or play a rousing game of basketball. If you exercise too soon, you may experience increased pain and bleeding. As a result, the healing process may reverse itself. You may also experience a dry socket where a blood clot becomes dislodged. When this happens, the site may expose the bone and nerves to bacteria and food particles, which will trigger an infection. That is why we believe you need to rest after oral surgery. This is especially crucial during the first 48 ours. How long you rest will depend on the intensity of the procedure.

How To Integrate Exercise In Your Life Once Again

After 48 hours, begin with lower impact activities, such as yoga stretching or lifting light weights. Should you experience any discomfort at all, stop what you are doing immediately. We can give you the directions you need to realize a successful surgery outcome.

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