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When Is Socket Preservation Needed?

When a dentist removes a tooth, whether an impacted wisdom tooth or a severely decayed molar, the procedure leaves a small gap where the tooth once was. This hollow, known as the socket, can be very sensitive initially, so your dentist may recommend socket preservation along with the extraction.

What Is Socket Preservation?

It is not uncommon for the bone that supports the tooth to break down after tooth extraction since it no longer has any purpose to serve. However, when this bone disappears, the teeth can separate into gaps or become misaligned.

Therefore, this is the reason why socket preservations are often performed at the same time as tooth extraction. The alveolar preservation procedure consists of placing a bone graft in the hole left by the tooth.

Reasons For Socket Preservation

There are several reasons why it is essential to protect the socket after tooth extraction. One reason to protect the socket is to prevent dry socket formation, which can occur if the blood clot covering the affected area breaks loose, exposing the nerve.
Protecting the socket also protects the alveolar ridge since its malformations can cause complications when placing an implant. The dental specialist will need to ensure enough bone to replace the extracted tooth in the future.

Why Is It Necessary?

The goal of socket preservation is to improve the appearance of the remaining teeth and gums and to make the process of placing dental implants less complicated in the future. Not all dentists offer this procedure during tooth extraction, as not all offices find it necessary or worthwhile.

In general, socket preservation is necessary to prevent the patient from experiencing more significant pain during the healing process and improve the appearance of the remaining teeth. Moreover, patients should do dental consultations in case of malfunctions with the sockets.
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