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What Is Dental Alveolar Surgery

Dentistry is a wide field. With different specialties. When you come to the clinic you will find different professionals who specialize in the treatment of different conditions. After your examination, the dentist can recommend referring your case to a more specialized professional for effective treatment. One of these is dental alveolar surgery that requires the techniques and skills of a highly trained Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (OMS). The surgeons can perform dental alveolar surgery if you have a problematic wisdom tooth that needs removing or decayed teeth that require specialized extraction techniques. Dental alveolar surgery is useful in the following procedures;

Tooth Extractions

An Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (OMS) possesses the advanced experience and training required to diagnose and remove teeth. Whether the procedure is simple or complex, or due to whichever cause, if surgery is required an OMS will likely be the dentist of choice.

Third Molars Wisdom Teeth

Impacted teeth are a common feature associated with wisdom teeth or third teeth. These are teeth that are last to develop and fail to erupt and emerge from underneath the gums. To remove the impacted tooth requires specialized surgery such as dental alveolar surgery.

What The Surgery Entails

After seeing our general dentist, the recommendation to see an OMS means that there might be a future dental purchase such as dental bridges or implants. An OMS will follow the directions of the general dentist and remove the affected tooth through dental alveolar surgery. The surgery focuses on preserving the gum and bone tissue for future procedures required for optimal oral wellness.

The Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon will extract the decayed or impacted tooth, making sure to remove the root in the most atraumatic and comfortable process possible. The surgeon will also ensure that the remaining tissues are in excellent condition after surgery that will allow for future restorations.

You can come to the clinic to receive personalized treatment from our team of experts. If you require dental alveolar surgery, you can be sure to receive optimal care at the facility.
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