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Tips For Recovering Smoothly After An Oral Surgery

Oral surgeries may seem daunting to some patients, but in reality, there is nothing to worry about as long as you follow a couple set guidelines. Here, we have compiled some tips to help you understand what to do to have a smooth recovery from an oral surgery.

Rest After Your Dental Surgery

Your body needs to rest after it undergoes an oral surgery, so make sure to relax, and take a nap as soon as you arrive home. Keep your head propped with pillows, as this position allows for an efficient flow of blood to your head and reduces the chances of excessive swelling in your mouth. Apply ice on your face to reduce the chances of swelling as well.

Take Your Medication

If we prescribe you any pain medication, you must make sure to follow the schedule we will give you and take them even when you are not feeling pain. It is easier for you to prevent a pain from happening rather than treat it when it starts. Avoid missing any dose of your medication, and you will soon see yourself feeling better from surgery.

Eat Soft Foods

When bleeding stops after your oral surgery, we recommend consuming only liquids for a while. You may start to try soft foods after a day or two. Some of the soft foods that you should eat include yogurt, mashed potatoes, and soups. Do not eat hot or crunchy foods during the first days post-op.

Healthy Oral Practice

In order to avoid infections in the surgical area, it is crucial that you clean your mouth regularly by brushing your teeth, flossing, and rinsing. We often tell patients to start rinsing at least two days after their surgery and brush gently, so as to avoid any type of discomfort. However, as soon as you start feeling better, maintaining healthy oral hygiene practices will be key to ensuring a safe recovery.

Do Not Drink Alcohol and Smoke

Beverage intake and smoking may interfere with the recovery process. As such, we highly recommend patients avoid both of them until they are fully recovered. In case you need further assistance with how to recover smoothly from oral surgery, please do not hesitate to contact our office today. We are always happy to assist you.
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