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The Importance Of An Oral Surgeon

Most people with dentists do not see the importance of having oral surgeons. Oral surgeons are different from dentists in that the first are specialists while the latter are generalists. Oral surgeons are more experienced in surgical procedures. They are also well equipped to deal with numerous complications that might arise during procedures. In other words, oral surgeons tackle unforeseen or unexpected medical complications instead of referring patients to other specialists. So, why are oral surgeons essential?

Dental Implant Experts

Oral surgeons have the expertise to replace lost teeth flawlessly. They do this by fitting titanium posts into jawbones which act as a replacement for lost teeth roots. After doing that, they add abutments-pieces that dental crowns rest on. Afterward, dental implants fitted to support replaced crowns that look exactly like natural teeth.

Corrective Jaw Surgery Experts

Other than extracting loose teeth, oral surgeons perform orthognathic reconstructive surgery. To many, the procedure is commonly known as corrective jaw surgery. The procedure treats jaw irregularities that affect the ability of patients to speak, breathe, and chew properly. Most jaw surgery procedures involve reconstruction and realignment to improve functionality.

Orthognathic reconstructive surgery also corrects bite issues. It also takes care of dysfunctions that result from congenital disabilities, accidents, and facial trauma. Oral surgeons are the only medical professionals who can perform these procedures because of their complications and extensiveness. Successful jaw surgeries leave patients with aligned upper and lower jaws.

The procedure is also known to outstandingly improve the aesthetic appeal and appearance of the face. Patients who have successfully recovered from jaw surgery procedures report better balance and no longer experience upper or lower jaw discomfort. If you are looking forward to a dental implant or continuously suffer from jaw discomforts, visit our office to get professional treatment.
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