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Ridge Augmentation

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When a tooth is extracted, it is going to leave a hole in your jaw. Not only will the missing tooth be obvious, but it can leave your gum line looking sullen and empty. Over time, after a tooth has been extracted, you will also start to lose bone on your jaw. If you are a candidate for a dental implant, there needs to be enough bone to hold the implant in place. That is what ridge augmentation is all about. Here at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery, we will use ridge augmentation to make sure that there is no hole in your jaw where the tooth used to be.

What You Need To Know About Ridge Augmentation

Ridge augmentation is common after a tooth extraction. It will help you to have a healthy jaw, even after a tooth has been removed. When a tooth is removed, there will be a socket where the tooth used to be. That socket will be empty, but with ridge augmentation is will not stay that way.

With a ridge augmentation, we will fill the new hole in your jaw with small granules the size of sand. These could be made of bone, or they might be a special material that was developed for bone grafts. We will place the material in the socket, and then we will stitch it shut with stitches. A ridge augmentation takes a long time to heal, and we will keep an eye on your progress as you heal.

A ridge augmentation is often recommended if you are going to have the tooth replaced with a dental implant. For an implant to take, you need to have enough bone in your jaw. The ridge augmentation will make sure that you do have enough bone.

For some patients, the ridge augmentation will take place, and then we will wait for that to heal before we move ahead with the dental implant. With other patients, we will do the extraction, the ridge augmentation, and the first step of the dental implant all at the same time. Each patient is different, so what we did for your neighbor down the street may not be the best way to handle it in your situation.

We will also sometimes perform a ridge augmentation, even if you are not going to receive a dental implant. This will help to close the hole in your jaw that was caused by extracting the tooth. It could also help to keep your other teeth from shifting in your jaw. Not all extractions require a ridge augmentation. We will look at each case separately.

A ridge augmentation will help you after a tooth has been extracted. It will give you more bone in your jaw, and it will slow down the resorption process. It is also often necessary if we plan to replace the tooth with an implant. Here at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery, we would like to go over all of your possibilities with you. Call (702) 360-8918 so that you can have a healthy mouth and beautiful smile.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_single_image image=”774″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center” el_class=”img_col”][/vc_column][/vc_row]