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Reasons To Consider Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are often the last to grow. Sometimes they erupt normally and do not cause any problems. However, they can come with a handful of problems.

Below are five reasons why you should consider having your wisdom teeth removed.

To Create Space In Your Jaw

As they are the last to develop, wisdom teeth often fail to break through the gum. When this happens, wisdom teeth are left stuck due to insufficient space. To develop, they push on the teeth in front of them and can easily cause crowding or misalignment. Having them removed will not affect your chewing ability.

Tooth Pain

During the growth of wisdom teeth, mild pain is common in most people. It is often on and off at the back of your gum. Due to the nerves pressing, the pain can worsen and become unbearable. At this point, extracting wisdom teeth is advisable.

Tooth Decay

Flossing and brushing the wisdom can be tricky because of the lack of enough space. You may not get the food particles trapped there, causing the teeth to have cavities. The cavities are breeding places for bacteria and cause damage to the wisdom teeth and sometimes the molar ones around.

Cyst Development

A cyst will manifest itself as a sac around the tooth. A cyst develops when the tooth is trapped beneath the gum. It can be very painful and can also affect your chewing. It can also cause damage to the roots of nearby teeth.

Gum Diseases And Infections

When a wisdom tooth is impartially impacted, it is susceptible to infections. The area around the gum becomes swollen and tender. Infections can result in painful gum diseases.


Removal of wisdom teeth can be done as a preventive measure. Having your dentist monitor the growth of your teeth is a great idea, as any problems that may arise will be caught early.
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