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Oral Surgeon Versus Periodontist

Knowing the difference between an oral surgeon and a periodontist is vital in helping a patient to understand who will handle his dental case and booking a suitable appointment since both perform dental procedures but specializes in various aspects of dentistry.

Oral Surgeon

An Oral surgeon performs surgical procedures related to the jaw, face, and mouth. In addition, they are also involved in fixing birth-related defects, treating traumatic jaw injuries, removing cancerous tumors in the mouth, and performing complex tooth-related extractions. They can also administer anesthesia during surgical procedures.

To become an oral surgeon, an individual must have completed his studies at a well-known dental school and complete additional training and specialization. However, most general dentists are not qualified to perform oral surgeries since they lack the needed experience and training for these particular surgeries.

Therefore in case of oral surgery that is required to deal with a dental issue, most dentists will refer you to an oral surgeon.


A Periodontist specializes in oral implants while maintaining the overall health of the tissues in the mouth. They are responsible for caring for the gums to ensure they function correctly in supporting the teeth.

However a dentist can handle periodontal conditions in their early stage, but in severe cases, they are referred to as a periodontist. Periodontists commonly perform root planning and scaling treatment, root surface debridement, and reduction procedures within the teeth.

Moreover, to qualify to be a periodontist, complete schooling from a dental school is needed, with additional training for three years.

Generally, an oral surgeon will perform various dental surgical procedures on the mouth, jaws, and face. At the same time, a periodontist focuses on caring for the soft and hard tissues of the mouth. However, both of them are involved in many dental works within dentistry.
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