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Never Try To Treat An Oral Abscess On Your Own

A tooth abscess refers to a pocket full of pus that occurs as a result of a bacterial infection. This condition can occur in different areas of the tooth due to various reasons. For example, a periapical abscess forms at the tip of the root, while a periodontal abscess forms at the tooth root or in the gums.

In most cases, tooth abscesses result from untreated dental cavities, injury, or prior dental work. If you have this condition, you should book an appointment with us for immediate treatment. Our professionals will manage the condition by draining the abscess and treating the infection. Alternatively, we can also conduct a root canal procedure, an option that has proven to be amazingly effective. Left untreated, a tooth abscess untreated can result in serious consequences. However, you should never try to treat an oral abscess on your own.

Dangers Of Treating Oral Abscess On Your Own

Trying to treat an oral abscess on your own could lead to severe consequences. Given the delicate nature of the condition, interfering with it will expose the damaged area to bacterial infection. We do not recommend home treatment remedies for this condition because they can result in damaged teeth and gums. Given that oral abscess weakens your gums, trying to use unauthorized medications can only worsen the situation.

Instead of trying to treat the condition on your own, you should visit our offices and have our dentists examine it. We will carefully evaluate the extent of damage and determine the most appropriate treatment method. If the abscess has not caused significant damage to your teeth and gums, we will simply get rid of the infection. However, if the infection has caused extensive damage to your teeth, we will have to apply a root canal procedure. Contact our offices for more information on how to handle an oral abscess.