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Most Common Types Of Craniofacial Surgery

Craniofacial surgery entails the procedures that facilitate the treatment of abnormalities affecting the face. The conditions they treat are pretty specific, so we have compiled some of the most common types of craniofacial surgeries in order to explain how they can be beneficial to a patient.

Craniosynostosis Treatment

Craniosynostosis is a condition that affects the fibrous joints between your skull bones. They allow your skull to fuse early. It causes an abnormal head shape and hinders full brain growth. As such, it is important, if not necessary, for children with craniosynostosis to get a strip craniectomy. This surgical procedure will allow us to rectify the condition.

Vascular Malformation Treatment

Vascular malformation is a condition that causes aesthetic and functional problems in patients, such as abnormal blood vessel development. It is common in children, although it can also occur in adults. Depending on the severity of the problem, we can treat it with catheter-based techniques or laser treatment.

Distraction Osteogenesis

Distraction osteogenesis is a surgical procedure that allows us to make a long bone out of a short one. During the procedure, we cut off your bone, and a distractor drags both of its parts. After some months, a bone will grow and fill the gap between the two pairs of bones. For midface distraction surgery, it is necessary to place a u-shaped head frame device on the head of the patient using orthopedic screws (pins).

Cleft Lip And Palate Treatment

Cleft lip and palate are common craniofacial deformities that affect children at birth. It entails the opening of the upper lip that extends near the nose of a patient. There are various treatment techniques for cleft lip and palate such as Osseo integrated implants. They help in replacing missing teeth from the deficiency of supporting bone.

Craniofacial-related problems are more common than you think, but surgery allows us to solve them and restore your quality of life, or that of your children. At our office, our trained professionals can handle craniofacial surgery. Please contact our offices today and learn more about how these procedures can help your case.
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