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Most Common Oral Surgeries We Perform

No one wants to have oral surgery if they can help it, but it is good to know our office can provide the expertise necessary to provide them in a comfortable environment which helps aid post-op healing. Just because they are common for our staff does not mean they feel common to our patients and we do understand that. We offer detailed explanations and can answer any and all questions regarding the procedure to put our patients at ease.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Far and away the most common of all dental surgeries is the removal of wisdom teeth. Most mouths simply cannot support an extra set of teeth on the top and the bottom. Because of this, the majority of people have to have them removed. Complications can occur if the teeth are impacted which means they are imbedded in the gum and bone tissue. In some cases, they are completely covered.

Dental Implants

Once patients have a tooth pulled, the only way to replace the tooth is with an artificial one. An implant can fill the vacated space and function just like a natural tooth does. This ensures proper bite motion and alignment of teeth.

Bone Grafting

If an extracted tooth is not replaced with an artificial tooth, the supporting gum and bone structure can erode and become unable to support a dental implant. This requires a bone graft to help increase the missing bone.

TMD And TMJ Procedures

While most people think of dental surgeries as simply those who apply to the teeth and gums, jaw surgeries are another common procedure. These surgeries correct bite misalignment and help to diminish wear and tear on the patient’s teeth. If you have been told you need one of the procedures discussed, please contact us so we can go over your options.