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How Long Does It Take To Recover From Tooth Extraction

Many oral issues such as throbbing pain, impacted wisdom teeth, or tooth fracture can lead to tooth removal. Even though tooth extraction is a fairly common dental procedure, most people don’t know how long it will take for them to recover.

At Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery, and canbreak down everything you need to know following tooth extraction to ensure you have a successful recovery.

Common Reasons For Tooth Extraction

The most common reasons for tooth extraction are gum disease, infection, and decay. If you have damaged or broken teeth that we deem beyond repair, we will likely recommend its removal too. Another reason for tooth extraction is crowded teeth. If you have a smaller jaw that doesn’t fit all of your teeth, we might also opt to extract a tooth to eliminate overcrowding.

Tooth Extraction Recovery Time

The recovery time of tooth extraction depends on a few factors, including the tooth’s size and location, the patient’s dental history, and the patient’s compliance with post-procedure instructions. Different issues have different recovery times. For instance, surgically removing a wisdom tooth will take more time to heal than pulling out a lower incisor or baby tooth.

For a simple extraction, the average recovery time is between 48-72 hours. After this, patients can return to normal physical activity. For surgical extractions, we recommend resting for at least 72 hours without any physical activity.

For most people, the pain usually decreases after the third day. However, it still takes around a week to 10 days for the granulation tissue to form. So, you should limit your physical activity for at least one week before resuming all activities.

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