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Everyday Dental Habits That Will Save Your Natural Teeth

Taking care of the teeth is essential to prevent cavities, gingivitis, mouth ulcers, tartar, or infection. Natural teeth and health factors that cause dental issues include diet, hygiene, and dental products such as toothpaste and whitening.

That is why building better hygiene habits to improve oral health is essential. Some of these habits include:

Avoid Sugar

Sugar affects our health and teeth. However, we must be aware of the effects to eliminate it from our diet. Our body needs calcium to assimilate sugar to subtract it from the food eaten or wherever it is. However, individuals can replace it with natural sweeteners, honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar.

Prevent The Occurrence Of Acidity

Many people suffer from gastric acidity, which damages oral health due to the stomach acids that are the saliva’s ph. We must follow a very alkaline diet rich in fresh vegetables, nuts, and seeds to regulate acidity.

Regular Flossing

It is advisable to use interdental floss daily to eliminate food waste and problems, thus eliminating tartar and infections. Moreover, regular brushing of the teeth is a good habit.

Use Appropriate Toothpaste

Avoiding most industrial toothpaste is necessary because they contain sulfates that progressively damage the pH and flora of the mouth, making it vulnerable to infection. There is natural toothpaste without these substances and flavored with essential oils.

Be Careful With Mouthwashes

Conventional mouthwashes contain alcohol and other components that are too aggressive for oral health and teeth. Gargling with essential oils diluted in water is an option to refresh and taste good in the mouth. However, individuals should use essential oils for consumption, not synthetic essences that harm health.

Good dental hygiene is necessary to maintain the health of natural teeth. Individuals should give care and precautions to the teeth to avoid oral dental issues.
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