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Does Every Mouth Have Bony Growths?

Exostosis is a condition where you experience abnormal bone growth in your mouth. As much as this condition isn’t a cause of concern in many cases, it is important to have it checked by our professionals. This is because bony growths can interfere with oral functioning and denture placement. The good news is that you can prevent them by maintaining high standards of oral hygiene and scheduling regular checkups with our professionals.

Types And Causes Of Bony Growths

The type of bony growth depends on its location in the mouth. In most cases, bony growths develop in the roof of the mouth and beneath the tongue. In some people, bony growths disappear on their own, depending on the type of growth. There are different types of bony growth, the less common one being the buccal exostoses, which occur on the outside of your gums. On the other hand, torus palatinus, which is a more common type of bony growth, tends to occur on both sides of the mouth.

The exact cause of bony growth isn’t known yet, but some factors are known to contribute to it. Some of them include environmental factors, teeth grinding, excessive chewing, and continued jawbone growth. Bony growths tend to appear in early adulthood or late teens and can increase in size as time progresses. Given their minimalist impact on your oral health, it can be difficult to notice them. Bony growths don’t have serious impacts on a majority of people, but it can get problematic if you get dental appliances like braces or crowns. It can also be uncomfortable if you have an underlying oral condition.

This is why it important to have our professionals check out the bony growths and determine whether they can be problematic. Contact our offices for more information on bony growths.
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