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Damage Dehydration Can Cause Following Oral Surgery

Staying hydrated is very important after undergoing an oral surgery. In fact, if you want a faster recovery, you should drink sufficient water. Without a sufficient supply of water, you will feel fatigued and dizzy. Furthermore, dehydration can cause significant damage after an oral surgery.

Bacteria Presence

Dehydration means your mouth won’t have enough saliva. Drinking sufficient water stimulates the production of saliva that is crucial in the recovery process. Saliva helps clear away bacteria, food debris and serves the bloodstreams in your mouth. When you are dehydrated, there will be little or no saliva production. This will lead to the accumulation of bacteria that can cause various dental infections. For instance, you could suffer from gum disease due to attacks on your gums or tooth decay. All these conditions will slow down the recovery process.

Weaker Enamel

Staying hydrated keeps your enamel strong. However, without a sufficient supply of water, the enamel becomes weaker. This is because saliva, whose production is stimulated by water, produces phosphate, calcium, and fluoride ions that are vital for your enamel. These minerals help keep the enamel strong and enable it to repair itself occasionally. With a weaker enamel, your tooth is susceptible to bacteria intrusion. This will also lead to oral infections that will affect the recovery process.

Gum Disease

The presence of saliva in your mouth helps prevent gum disease. Keep in mind that bacteria and plaque buildup causes gum disease. Saliva helps prevent this by washing away the bacteria. Therefore, dehydration will result in gum disease if the bacteria attack your gums. This will also affect the recovery process. We highly recommend that you stay hydrated as much as possible. You should drink a glass of water at least four times a day or after every meal. This will help speed up the recovery. Visit our offices for more information on the importance of staying hydrated
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