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Contact Us Immediately If You Receive Facial Trauma

Facial trauma comprises injury on your facial region, including gums, teeth, jawbone, and skull. This trauma could result from sports, falls, interpersonal violence, work-related injuries, and motor vehicle accidents and may cause broken bones, swelling, excessive bleeding, and pain. If you experience facial trauma, you should contact us immediately for treatment to prevent complications that could be life-threatening.

Diagnosis Of Facial Trauma

If you visit us with facial trauma issues, we will perform a thorough examination of your face to determine the injury’s extent. We will then check your nasal airways to ensure they are fine, your eyes, and the central nervous system. We will also ask for details about the trauma’s occurrence and whether you have had facial surgery or trauma before. In case of a fracture, we will do an X-ray to establish the intensity.

Treatment Of Facial Trauma

The type of treatment we will give for your facial trauma will depend on the trauma’s type and intensity. Facial trauma treatment will cover restoration of damaged or lost teeth, fractured jaws, eye sockets, cheekbones and nose, facial and oral lacerations. If you knock out your tooth as a result of facial trauma, you can soak it in saliva or milk and see us immediately for treatment. We may also restore your smile after teeth loss with options such as implants.

If you sustain soft tissue injury and lacerations, we will repair them through suturing. In case of fractures, we will either do an open or closed reduction procedure to restore your bones. Where the fractures are more complex, we will perform reconstructive surgery. Given that facial trauma is painful, we will administer anesthesia to ensure your comfort during these procedures. After treatment, we will also recommend painkillers to relieve pain and swelling, which should fade a few days after treatment. For more details of facial trauma, contact our office today.