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Can We Repair Your Teeth If You Grind Your Teeth In Your Sleep

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Grinding causes various impacts on your teeth. Continued grinding will expose your tooth enamel, making it vulnerable to bacteria. This increases the risk of conditions like tooth decay and dental cavities. It could also loosen your tooth, and, in some cases, cause fractures. This is why it is very important to have your tooth repaired if you have a grinding problem. We have professional dentists that will expertly repair your tooth through various processes.

The Repairing Process

Untreated chips and cracks can lead to your teeth breaking off the root, making you very uncomfortable. This will need you to undergo a root extraction process. To prevent such situations, it is important that you have your tooth repaired as soon as possible. Depending on the condition of your tooth, you may need a dental crown, a dental bridge, or an implant crown.

In case grinding has only caused a slight chip on your tooth, we will use a porcelain veneer or bonding to fix it. Minor dental fractures only need dental fillings and other easy alternatives. If you have a fractured front tooth, we might use a composite resin (bonding) to repair it. Given that bonding is a simple procedure, numbing is not required. To perform it, our dentists will first roughen the tooth and then add some adhesive. Then, a bonding material will be applied, shaping it to look like a natural tooth. Lastly, ultraviolet light will be used to harden the material.

If your tooth has a crack that extends into the pulp, a root canal procedure will be necessary. Furthermore, if you are experiencing swelling, tooth sensitivity, or toothaches, you will need a root canal procedure. This treatment option involves removing the decayed tooth matter and cleaning the nerve. Contact our offices for more information on how we can repair damaged teeth.
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